Marcus Method
Visual Artist 
Marcus Method is a Visual Artist based in the UK. He operates in various mediums, producing studio, street and mural works. He has worked with a variety of clients & organisations, from international brands to community-based projects, as well as participating in artist residencies and featuring in solo/ group shows and festivals.
Marcus' style is often described as bold and vibrant. He creates reference images to inform his shapes and patterns, which are often composed in a collage-like manner. His aim is not to represent or recreate the reference image exactly, but rather use it almost like a sample in music, chopping out elements he finds intriguing and recontextualising them into something completely new.

Selected Clients
Clarks Shoes 
University Of Sheffield 
Dominos Pizza 
Global Street Art 
LTA (Lawn Tennis Association)
Canal & River Trust
Hype Clothing 
Leighton Vans 

Artist Residencies 
2023- Fred Aldous, Manchester \ Sheffield \ Leeds
2022- Arts By The Sea Festival, Bournemouth
2021- Fred Aldous, Manchester \ Sheffield

2023- Guilty By Association (group show) Baltic, Gateshead
2023- Unity (group show) Smolensky Gallery, Manchester
2020- Vision 2020 (group show) Sheffield
2017- Movements (solo show) Sheffield 
2017- Untitled (solo show) Manchester 
2016- When I grow up (solo show) Sheffield 
2015 - Damned Agitation (group show) Sheffield

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