This project was a collaboration with the Lawn Tennis Association to create a tennis ball tube as part of a promotional mailer for their #PlayYourWay campaign. The campaign aims to encourage people from all backgrounds to play tennis where they want and how they want with the intention of increasing the number of people interested and playing tennis in the UK. 

The tube design references various elements of tennis with the focus being on playing tennis in the street. A few example of these references are the black and white stripes at the bottom of the tube which are a reference to a video I found of people playing tennis over a striped car park swing gate. The lower pink section in the image above is reference to how the ball bounces, particularly while serving and the white and black strip in the centre of the tube is a reference from some photos I took of various tennis courts in the area where I grew up, the lines on the courts were often wearing away and this pattern felt like a good representation of that. 
The mailer included a tube of blank tennis balls, fabric pens and a few customisation tips. The idea is that people will customise their own tennis ball to not only make their ball stand out (due to Covid 19 advise at the time of the project) but also create a fun activity for people to get involved in the project. 

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